Healing with Sound Wands

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Discover how to use tuning forks for physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The key to an overall sense of health and wellbeing is a nervous system that feels safe and balanced. The resonating sound waves produced by tuning forks interact directly with the nervous system, and can facilitate profound state changes.  

Like the character Maghra on “See,” I call my tuning forks Sound Wands. I think of them as magical healing tools, and I use them daily for my own self care. I want to show you some ways you can do the same.

Fibonacci Tuning at ScienceMythMagic.com

Spiral Stairway to Heaven

Using the Fibonacci Frequencies to move consciousness along the Pituitary/ Pineal Axis, to balance the mind and body and experience higher dimensional realities, accessing deeper healing.

We will explore the Fibonacci Frequencies and how they affect the physical body, consciousness, and spiritual experiences.   

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