Straight Up Moonshine

A Novel by Tammy Mundy


This is a fictionalized novel based on a true story about my ancestors, Marion & Florence Gibson, who lived their lives in Charlottesville & Albemarle County, Virginia from the late 1800’s to the late 1930’s.

Part of this story is factual and part of it is made up, but ALL of it is true.

  • It’s the truth as told by the actual historical documents, and eye-witness accounts.
  • It’s the truth of a woman’s life in a certain time and place, the men in her life, and the truth of unrealized desires, hopes, and dreams.
  • It’s the truth of early marriage and babies,  alcoholism, and depression-era moonshining.
  • And it’s the truth of an ultimate tragedy that would change the lives of their children and grandchildren forever.

Some of the epigenetic trauma from these events still echo in my own life. I write this story as part of my personal healing journey. Perhaps, as I find understanding and meaning, this work can also bring some healing for past and future generations.

When this novel is published it will be available for purchase here!

Marion & Florence Gibson
Marion & Florence Gibson - my great grandparents. Circa 1920s