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Faith Healing

My knees hurt... until I started to believe it was possible for them not to hurt. Only then could I go deep into the truth of the pain, to begin ...
Tammy Mundy, Writer - Breathe Freely, Get Inspired

Breathe Freely, Get Inspired

This is obvious when you think about it, but I'm going to state it anyway -- Breathing is fundamental to your health, physically and mentally! Inspiration (n.) -the drawing of ...
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Tammy Mundy, Writer - Scarlet Lobelia Essence

The Spirit Medicine of Scarlet Lobelia

She stands alone, brilliant among the lush green foliage all around her, her reflection shimmering in the water flowing nearby.Regal, proudly displaying her lady parts, demanding to be seen and ...
Tammy Mundy, Writer - a Butterfly heralds transformation

Moon Cycles

I have this nagging sense of uneasiness, no matter what I'm doing. It follows me around like a cat I forgot to feed. Meowing, swirling around my legs, reminding me ...
Scarlet Lobelia

Meeting a New Plant Ally

One summer day, in August of 2017, I was in my back yard meditation sit-spot, feeling the grass beneath my feet, the sound of the trickling creek in my ears, ...
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The Land that Raised Me

The Land that Raised Me

The Blue Ridge mountains. Dudley mountain. Slate hill. Hickory Hill. Charlottesville. Scottsville. My generations have a long history here. The Rivanna River, a mineral smell of mud and dirt and ...
Geometry & Love

Geometry & Love

Sacred Geometry is the underpinning of reality as we know it. Everything in the 3D world has to have a structure to support its frequency. Geometry is the study of ...
Under the Sycamore Tree

Under the Sycamore Tree

By the river, a huge old Sycamore tree with roots as big around as my waste and lots of nooks and crannies. And a hollow in the center as big ...