Exploring wellness at the intersection of Science, Myth, & Magic

Here is my personal Map of the World, for your consideration:

Science brings one kind of truth; Myth another.
Magic is a synthesis of the two, an alchemy of opposites, that creates a reality that is much more than the sum of its parts.

body, nature, biology, physics, bioelectricity, biochemistry, neuroscience, dna/ epigenetics, objective truth
subconscious, psychology, story, symbols, archetypes, beliefs, world view, ancestry/ lineage, subjective truth
consciousness, imagination, creativity, art, relationships, soul, source field, Higher Power, mystery, quantum truth

I am here to observe, understand, integrate, and transcribe.
I follow my Map of the World into parts unknown, flying on the wings of curiosity.
I bring back whatever treasure I can find, for the benefit of all.

I am a seeker, a shaman, and a magic maker. 
I am part scientist and part storyteller.
The Violet Flame lives in me.
I want to use my powers for good. 
All we really need is love.

My offerings to the collective gather here.
Creation by creation I build, until all I wish to share is manifested.

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