Find Inner Peace and Spiritual Focus with Pagan Prayer Bead Meditation

Pagan Prayer Beads, also known as a Pagan Rosary or Witch’s Ladder, can be an essential tool for those who follow earth-centered spiritual paths.  It is also a wonderful tool for those of us who can often feel stressed and overwhelmed, as a prayer bead practice can also calm stress and anxiety.   An important part of my own health routine includes stepping back regularly to ground and reconnect with myself.  Incorporating Pagan Prayer Beads into my meditation Read More

Faith Healing

My knees hurt… until I started to believe it was possible for them not to hurt. Only then could I go deep into the truth of the pain, to begin to understand it, to see my own resistance to taking my next steps in life. To look inside my own body and allow it to tell me the story. To care for the parts that hurt, like an injured child, until strength was restored and Read More

Geometry & Love

Sacred Geometry is the underpinning of reality as we know it. Everything in the 3D world has to have a structure to support its frequency.  Geometry is the study of relationships, angles, how things fit together, how they work together to create the structure of reality, to define this from that, to hold a thing’s frequency. These are based on straight lines. The frequency information is carried in the angles, or the way two straight lines Read More

Under the Sycamore Tree

By the river, a huge old Sycamore tree with roots as big around as my waste and lots of nooks and crannies.  And a hollow in the center as big as a room.  It’s a way through, from this world to that.  I climb under and go inside the tree and begin my descent.  Twists and turns, ducking my head as I move through a dark, moist tunnel surrounded by the veins of trees.  They Read More