Geometry & Love

Sacred Geometry is the underpinning of reality as we know it. Everything in the 3D world has to have a structure to support its frequency. 

Geometry is the study of relationships, angles, how things fit together, how they work together to create the structure of reality, to define this from that, to hold a thing’s frequency. These are based on straight lines. The frequency information is carried in the angles, or the way two straight lines are related to each other.

Where does the fibonacci sequence fit? The spiral? The fractal? Perhaps that is the life force moving through the straight lines. Or maybe it is love. Or maybe the life force IS love.

Love is found in the relationships between people that form the structure of society. How is one person connected to another? How are groups of people connected to another?

This is also reflective of the way the brain works to predict situations for appropriate response to the environment, to keep us safe. It works on concepts, which are related things and ideas grouped together in our minds. They are thought forms that have a geometry, with all the angles that connect them. The brain can pull from its library of geometric concepts to decide if we are safe and can relax, or if we should activate fight, flight, freeze, or fawn to get us to safety.

Crystals are structured by relationships of angles. Crystals can hold and transmit information in modern technology (computers), and also in ancient technology (consciousness, intentions, manifesting). Water structures itself in crystalline formations to support life at the cellular level.

Our bodies are literally crystalline structures formed from the minerals we consume. Bones are literally made of apatite crystals. It’s true, look it up!

It’s the structure of relationships that gives meaning or information, whether we are talking about 3D reality, personal relationships, or information. The structures hold a thing’s frequency, which we pick up with our senses.

Our senses are taking in frequencies, and our brain transforms the frequencies into meaning. This is a flower. That is my mother. This is purple, my favorite color. That is the smell of fresh cut grass, and the grass is green. Our brain interprets the frequencies of the structures to make meaning.

It’s the relationship between two or more dimensions, or angles, or people, or ideas, that holds the meaning and the information of life and love.


This post is a short brain dump of me connecting and digesting information from the below books, plus what I already know about how crystals are structured, how they hold information, & how they work with consciousness (many sources, I can’t remember them all). I have more to understand about all this, so I may revise this post as my understanding grows.

How Emotions Are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett

Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment by Carly Nuday, PhD

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