Faith Healing

Science, Myth, & Magic - Finding truth somewhere in the middle

My knees hurt… until I started to believe it was possible for them not to hurt. Only then could I go deep into the truth of the pain, to begin to understand it, to see my own resistance to taking my next steps in life. To look inside my own body and allow it to tell me the story. To care for the parts that hurt, like an injured child, until strength was restored and the pain was a memory.  

My marriage hurt… for a season, until I started to believe it was possible to return to the goodness we had shared.  Only then could I acknowledge the changes happening for us both, and make a choice. To do the work of learning new steps for a new dance, the coming together and moving apart. The dance of compromise and personal boundaries, forward and backward, until the rhythm was restored and we began to dance together again.

My whole body hurt… until I started to believe it was possible to make space in my life for my own self care. Only then could I take a quantum leap of faith, close a healing arts practice I loved, give up my source of income, allow my healing hands to rest. To do the work of attending to the dying Mother in me, and the birthing of myself as Crone. To turn my healing skills toward my own wellbeing for a time, until I had nursed myself safely into a new stage of life. 

My soul hurt… until I started to believe I could just go ahead and do the work I came to the planet to do. Only then could I stop waiting for permission to speak my truth and follow my heart. To do the work of visioning and dreaming my mission into a new form, that honors all that I am, all that I am not, and all that I can give. To trust the vision to unfold in perfect timing, until the calling of my soul manifests itself fully into 3D, with edges and a solid form, animated by mystery, quantum truth, and earth-bound wisdom & skill. 

Each new day brings limitless opportunities for more healing, more consciousness, more wholeness, more coherence, more resonance. The healing becomes possible when I believe it is possible.   

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